A Fairy in the Palace is a 339 page high quality soft-cover book
bound with a beautiful laminated cover.  There are 50 chapters of
6 to 8 pages each written in devotional form making it ideal for
daily reading or in one sitting.  This book is presented in
inclusive language.

Included as a forward to the book is the writing "
ARI" from
Richard's website DEERFORCE.com .  It can be read here by
clicking on the link.  The nature of the book is summed up on the
What if...." page.
About the Book
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other website

Richard's work demonstrates his
keen insight and rich imagination.  
The stories evidence the depth of
his knowledge of the scriptures and
of biblical history.  He helps us
enter into the culture, conversations
and thoughts of our biblical
ancestors in touching and
memorable ways.
 A Fairy in the
is a delightful book and
definitely one you won't want to put
down until you've finished the

Reverend Doctor Sherry L. Kennedy
Sr. Pastor SunCoast Cathedral, Venice, FL