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from author Richard Lydiard White

Dear readers and friends,

I am Vince Hinman, Richard’s partner of nearly 40 years.  I must tell you that Richard died February 6, 2015.  
He passed very peacefully at home with hospice care and was surrounded by close friends and family.  

In August Richard was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He lost 55 pounds yet after five chemo treatments
all indications were that he was winning the battle with the tumor.  We were very encouraged.  Then
pneumonia developed in both lungs and he simply had no strength to fight it.  

So, he has “flown away” and I have no doubt that he is with our Savior Jesus Christ right now.  
Richard had no fear of death because he knew without a doubt Jesus was waiting for him.  He was excited
about being in heaven.  Richard had found a YouTube video of Jesus Culture singing ‘Dance with Jesus’.  It
became a favorite and he listened to it often.  I can imagine him now dancing with his Lord.

A Fairy In The Palace will always be available in paperback book form.  My goal is to publish it on Kindle so
that it will be available for tablet readers.

This site will remain online as it is.  His message was always no matter who or what you are, Jesus Christ
really does love you and died for you. The Holy Spirit used Richard to reach many who found no other place
to hear that message from a gay Christian and come to know Jesus as their Savior.  That is reason enough
to keep the site.  

Agape,  Vince