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*****  Wonderful Journey,  05/17/2011                                Reviewer:  Wendy            .

This is a wonderful journey through the Bible.  I loved the way the people are presented with
their thoughts & feelings.  I felt that I was in that time and watching it all happen, and it has
given me a much greater understanding of the passages I have heard all my life.  
Masterfully done.


***** Amazingly Powerful,  07/27/2011                                 Reviewer:  David Sloane

Richard puts 'flesh and blood' upon the individuals we find in the Bible in such a way that we
go beyond the typical "Bible study' that is to be found in most pulpits.  When I read his book
I am drawn into the life and times of the people being written about.  Even though he wisely
calls his book 'fiction' it comes across very real and soon enough you wonder why he calls
it fiction.  These are real people with real lives that he has written about.  He has a style of
writing that seems as though he was there on the scene and well acquainted with the characters
and the mind and heart of each individual.  I became aware of the dedication and sincerity of
Richard as I read his words.  He actually teaches us in such a way that we don't realize it until
the end of the chapter.  Then as we look back we notice there is a powerful message that
comes across to us that is beyond Richard himself.  I find myself looking forward to each
chapter.  I read one perfectly sized chapter a night before turning off the light.  There is a
refreshingly rich spirituality that uplifts and draws us in to the lives of the people he writes
about. I am so glad I purchased this book.  Five Stars Richard!


.                                                                                               Reviewer:  Rev. Lori Rivera

Wow!  What a great book.  I loved it.  Your love of God and all things possible is truly
evident in its pages.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent;  it is truly God-given.